USB Type-C to Type-C 15cm cable


Replacement USB Type-C to Type-C 15cm cable, braided in black and with MOUNTAIN branding. 

Please note: This cable is only compatible to Everest and its modules. It's not fit for any other applications.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly as expected, but just a bit too stiff

Cable works exactly as intended. Not sure why others have rated it so low, it clearly says 15cm. 🤷‍♂️ Knocking off one star for being a bit rigid for a short cable though.

cable to short

i like the build of the keyboard its strong and looks bad ass but as the other post if you want to use the cable extension. its to short to do anything with and i did try an after market cable they don't work. please make a longer cable like a 16" or a 2' cable at lease. or next time make it compatible with other cables please.

To short

Didn't read the description of the keyboard and thought the numpad worked wireless. But no. The supplied cable (bought the max version) is far to short and non flexible so the numpad modularity is non existent (if you dont want a TKL some times and somtimes not). Please make the cable longer and more flexible and this is the perfect keyboard!

Works but as others have mentioned. Is too short...

It works. but wanted to have further away on the right side above my mouse. due to cable stiffness and shortness its barely any further away than being directly attached

Way too short to be of any use.

This is one of those products that makes you wonder, "why even bother?" The length of the cable makes it essentially useless, even if the underlying idea is good.

Mine was included in my order of the keyboard, but I would've been happier if it was not included at all to not provide false hope that it would be any bit of useful. DEFINITELY DO NOT BUY THIS SEPARATELY as it is a waste of money.