Everest 60 Numpad

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The Everest 60 Numpad

The world's first modular 60% numpad. It expands Everest 60's by connecting to either its right or left side and is truly plug and play. It comes with the same great factory-lubed MOUNTAIN switches and factory-lubed and clipped Cherry stabilizers. Includes 4 magnetic riser feet and 2 end caps. If you wish to use an extension cable to connect the Numpad to your Everest, please find it here. Other USB Type-C to Type-C cables are not compatible.

Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest 60 keyboard to function.

Images of Everest 60 Numpad with Everest 60 are for illustration purposes only. Everest 60 keyboard is not included with this product.

Customer Reviews

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Handle with care

This numpad connects to the keyboard through a USB-C port and two tiny magnets on each side of the port, nothing else. So the slight slip, accidental move or wrong handling can break the magnets and potentially the USB-C port, making the numpad useless on that side.
And do not attempt to fix it as it can make the other side stop working. I would not buy this unless they improve the design to something a lot more sturdy. Not worth the €50 price at all.
Also, the warranty does not cover this kind of damage, so only buy this if extremely necessary.