Switch Pack - Cherry MX

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Cherry MX switches are the industry benchmarks, developed and manufactured in Germany. With decades of experience, Cherry sets the standards for performance, durability and comfort. These RGB switches are plate-mounted, feature a translucent housing and are an ideal fit for keyboards with SMD LEDs.

Available in packs of 90 and 110 pcs
Red, Blue, Brown, Speed Silver & Silent Red

Cherry MX RGB Red:
Linear | 4mm travel | 45g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out
Cherry MX RGB Brown:
Tactile | 4mm travel | 55g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out
Cherry MX Blue:
Clicky| 4mm travel | 60g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out
Cherry MX RGB Silent Red:
Linear | 3.7mm travel | 45g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out
Cherry MX RGB Speed Silver:
Linear | 3.4mm travel | 45g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out

How to use

To avoid breaking your switches remove existing switches using a switch puller. Clip the top and bottom edges and pull gently.

Once removed align the pins of your new switches with the connectors and push down.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Smith

Came in perfect condition within a week, also very easy to install.

Emily Lai

Switch Pack - Cherry MX

Antonios Liakakis

Amazing quality and ultra fast shipping

Nice except..

These were very easy to install and came on time. Shipping was $10 and the box came dented and tore up. The switches weren’t wrapped or protected so some of them came broken and the metal prongs were not repairable. It was a large box for a thin bag stuffed with every switch. I hope they take this comment into consideration since my email wasn’t.

MX SILENT RED - Perfectly fine

Shipping was amazingly fast (received them two days later, which I did not expect). Unplugging of the old switch was pretty easy and fast, and the plugging of the Silent Red was fine. Be careful, you might bend one of the legs while plugging them, but it's an easy fix.
It seems that they are not lubrificated, and I don't have the stuff to do it myself, but anyway, they are SO MUCH quieter than the classic MX Red that I'm happy with them anyhow.