Everest Media Dock


A whole mountain range of controls and information on top of your keyboard. Also, the first of its kind to feature a display! Apart from easily accessible media controls, the display will enable you to monitor your system, display or switch profiles. Please note: This is not a standalone accessory and requires an Everest keyboard to function.

Compatible with: Everest Max, Everest Core, Everest Core Barebone.

Customer Reviews

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Zhi Qi Li



It does everything which is promised, but there are for sure areas which can be improved on.
Buttons feel mkay; the wheel doesn't point to the icon which it should be when turned quickly; the display should have been a full circle, would be nice if the wheel could have been a push button as well.
When you turn off certain icons, it would be nice when they disappear and won't be just skipped.
Without it, the Everest feels incomplete tho

Matt Fraley
Great Keyboard!

Love this keyboard. I have the max so the num pad works great. Base camp is easy to use and I love how customizable everything is. Also had an issue and customer service is great! Resolved my issue quickly and couldn’t be happier.

Jean-Christophe Hugly
Nicely made but limited utility w/o software

I would not have bought the keyboard without this module for one specifi reason:
Without a non-windows software, that’s probably the only way to have some control over the lighting.

Unfortunately, without said software that very much the only use I have for it too: it’d be nice to use the display for something, but as it is it turns off by itself and even the clock cannot be set. Not mentionning it starts at 0.

Otherwise, really pretty. Software, pppplease!


whilst the device docks and works ok in most ways, I find the majority of functions pointless and I would prefer to be able to customise the functions better, as it is I have a very expensive volume wheel, perhaps it does do what I want but therein lies another problem, the instructions and software are a nightmare to understand, the folks who write this need to understand that the end user knows nothing about the product and the way it works other than its a keyboard etc