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Innovation, Performance, Aesthetics and Modularity

Featuring patent-pending designs, Everest 60 was created from the ground up to enable peak performance.

When it comes to absolute mechanical keyboard bliss Everest 60 makes no compromises; featuring factory lubed MOUNTAIN switches, genuine lubed Cherry stabilizers, and sound dampening consisting of multiple layers of foam and silicone.


Condensed to 60%, Everest 60 comes with all the benefits of a small form factor, without sacrificing on crucial features such as arrow keys. Its compact shape makes room for your setup and offers unprecedented space for your gaming mouse to maneuver when your battles are getting tight.


The custom-made MOUNTAIN Linear 45 and Tactile 55 switches have been designed for smooth and quiet operation, making them ideal for gamers and professionals alike. Factory-lubed, these switches are a pleasure for eyes and ears. Everest 60 is happy to accept all other 3-pin plate-mounted or 5-pin PCB mounted switches.


No other keycap material offers the same rigidity, sturdiness, and durability as PBT. Matt textured and with translucent double-shot legends, they'll never fade or become glossy over time. The era of glossy WASD keys has come to an end.


The best-in-class Cherry plate-mounted stabilizers come factory-lubed and clipped for a rattle-free keyboard experience. Lubricated with Glaze GPL 205 Grade 0, these are the same stabilizers that received critical acclaim on the original Everest and are in a league of their own.


You can’t have background noise interrupting when you’re listening for the footsteps of your foes. Everest 60 goes the extra mile to achieve a quiet and muted sound profile. With a silicone mat in its bottom housing and foam on the PCB as well as between PCB and top plate, no corners were cut to achieve auditory perfection.


Set your desk ablaze with the widest array of RGB features we can muster. 16.7 million colors and numerous RGB modes are at your disposal. With individual RGB lighting for every individual key and a slick RGB strip around Everest’s entire body, the choice is yours.


Your Everest 60 is supported by our Base Camp™ software, designed and developed from the ground up to equip you with all the tools you need for your ascension. Base Camp™’s primary design goal was balancing ease of use and flexibility, enabling you to set up your Everest 60 keyboard precisely the way you want it, without being in your way.

Base Camp™ includes:
• Macro wizard and editor

• Custom key bindings

• Wide range of RGB features

• Software and Firmware Updater


Find your style with MOUNTAIN keycap sets. Made of ultra-durable PBT and with translucent double-shot legends, these keycaps will never fade or wear off. Available in ten different colorways, inspired by the world’s most beautiful minerals.


Color Midnight Black
Switch Type 3-Pin Hot-Swappable MOUNTAIN
Switch Socket 3 & 5-pin Cherry-MX-style compatible
Stabilizer Cherry (plate-mounted, lubricated and clipped)
Layout Custom, 64 key US-ANSI
Backlight RGB
Key Rollover NKRO over USB
Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1ms
Keycaps PBT double-shot with translucent legends
MCU Cortex M0
Onboard memory Up to 5 profiles
On-the-Fly System Through FN Function Key
Connector USB Type-C
Interface USB 2.0
Product Dimensions 115x307.2x46.44mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight 768g
Materials Aluminum top cover, ABS bottom cover,
Foam, Silicone
Software Support Base Camp™ (Windows only)
Warranty 2 years
Included Accessories
Keycap & Switch combo removal tool
USB Type-A to C cable (1.6m)
MOUNTAIN Sticker Pack
Riser feet



When 64 keys aren’t enough, the world’s first 60% numpad is here to help. No matter if it’s the occasional number-punching, elaborate streaming setups or complex macros, Everest 60 Numpad integrates seamlessly into your setup and makes sure you stay in control, in-game or not.

Customer Reviews

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Alejandro S
Every 60+ number pad

One one the cleanest keyboards I’ve used, sounds amazing RGB is amazing definitely worth the buy.

Alex Rogalevich

Great quality

Miklos R.
Keyboard Everest 60

Keyboard feels really well made metal heavy keys feel smooth just overall a nice keyboard unfortunately The first keyboard I got the right arrow key didnt work so I returned it they were phenomenal in customer support they sent me another but I too had trouble with this keyboard as the usb-c plug in is wonky when I turn on my pc it doesnt register the keyboard and i have to unplug and plug it to get it to work after that hurdle for me its really amazing to use

Lukas Puddu
How to say....

Its an incredible keyboard, very nice sound, nice rgb, just an nice keyboard in all.
But there is a problem! I am french, so that means i use AZERTY keycaps.
I recently bought this keyboard and what an surprise when i discovered that i received an QWERTY keyboard that is all the opposite of what i use normally, but i told to myslef : Hey ! why dont you just take the keycaps and put it in the AZERTY order!! Ahaha.... If only it was that easy... So the problem is that because of the fact that the keyboard is "curved" (As you know im french so i have some issues in english, just dont mind them), I just cant change the keycaps order otherwise the keycaps are in an horrible possition that is very uncomfortable to play, write, edit or anything you want..
Its "kinda" my fault that this error happent but its MOUTAIN'S too (i dont want to offend anyone while saying this) the information that its a QWERTY keyboard isn't really mentionned on the web page so so you can easly make the same error as me..
I make this reviexw not to complain about the product or anything (you cant just buy AZERTY keycaps and your done.. Maybe you have to pay 40 euros to get it.. but you just have to buy AZERTY keycaps) i just ask to the creator of this web page, TO PLEASE MENTION THE FACT THAT ITS AN QWERTY KEYBOARD otherwise you spend 100 euros on something you dont want..
Thank you for reading this!!

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Everest 60