Dolch Keycap Set

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Most keycap sets don't cut it for you? You fancy something special? Look no further. MOUNTAIN's hand-picked keycap sets offer exotic designs for exquisite tastes.


US-ANSI + ISO addon




Dye Sublimated



Number of keycaps:


Brand: KBDfans

How to use

To remove your old keycaps use a keycap puller and replace like for like.

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Customer Reviews

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F David
Nice quality set

I like the quality and feel but I'm still trying to get used to the low profile and shapes of the keys.
The look is somehow classy and can trigger some old memories to some
Premium packing as all the other products.


The caps feel nice to the touch and look great. I like the lower profile and uniform shape for typing. Keys like the F and J and Num 5 are marked by being lower and more concave which feels a bit different than just having a nub, which is a bit unusual but doesn't seem to throw off my typing. The shorter caps also means slightly less interface between them and the keyswitch which makes them a bit "tippier" and "wobblier" than taller keycaps, where they can end up slightly tilted instead of perpendicular. In practice it doesn't hurt anything, but with the lighter color as well, you may notice the keys don't always sit perfectly aligned.
If used with backlighting, despite the caps being opaque, it does provide a nice ambient glow effect as the light fills in the gaps between the keys. The red Esc key does let some light bleed through, though, which makes it stand out. The contrast between the large printing and the light gray keys makes them nice and visible even in low light but the darker gray caps are pretty hard to read.

Tudor Badica
Great build quality, sleek looks

If you are looking for a classic look and feel, away from the RGB madness, this set looks and feels amazing

James Smith

They were browner than I was expecting and they didn't allow the rgb light through

Charles Paek
Amazing Keyboard

Extremely satisfied with my purchase. From the packaging to the quality of the materials used for the product, this is my favorite keyboard. Would buy again in a heartbeat.