USB Type-C to Type-C 15cm cable


Replacement USB Type-C to Type-C 15cm cable, braided in black and with MOUNTAIN branding. 

Please note: This cable is only compatible to Everest and its modules. It's not fit for any other applications.

Customer Reviews

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Way too short to be of any use.

This is one of those products that makes you wonder, "why even bother?" The length of the cable makes it essentially useless, even if the underlying idea is good.

Mine was included in my order of the keyboard, but I would've been happier if it was not included at all to not provide false hope that it would be any bit of useful. DEFINITELY DO NOT BUY THIS SEPARATELY as it is a waste of money.

Make it longer!

The cable is short. Too short. There's no point in using it on the right side, because my mouse is on that side, and the cable isn't long enough to place the num pad on the opposite side of my mouse. Instead is sits right where my mouse needs to be. So it's completely pointless to provide a 6 inch cable. Mountain needs to make it AT LEAST 2 feet, and at most 3 feet. This way I can put it on the right side of my mouse, completely out of its way, the way this was intended. Also it needs 90 degree connectors so it's again not interfering with my mouse. Come on guys, you made an amazing keyboard. Just get this cable right, it will solve this problem, and then this keyboard will absolutely knock it out of the park!

Works, needs to be longer and more flexible.

Needs to be longer and more flexible. Maybe even an L shaped connector option if you have a plan for how to lay it out.


The cable works and yes, you can daisy chain them to get your number pad further from your keyboard. But why the default cable that comes with the max is so short as to negate the point of having a Detachable cable? And why they don't just have one long cable? Well that my friends I cannot answer.

Michael Simpson
Works As Advertised, But Does Not Meet My Need

I bought this cable (actually three of them) to see if I could hook them all together to make a longer extension cable. With my custom desk, I need a cable of 50 cm or more to make this work, and I had already tried several off-the-shelf USB-C cables. This cable for the Everest is apparently non-standard. One 15 cm cable works fine; but longer combinations do not work, so my numeric keypad goes unused.