MOUNTAIN Mineral PBT Keycap set

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MOUNTAIN keycap sets are a perfect match for all Everest and Everest 60 keyboards with its 113 keycaps including ISO-specific addons. Available in 10 different mineral-themed colorways and made of durable PBT plastic, they feature translucent double-shot legends that make your RGB setup pop and will never fade or wear off. Peak performance never looked this good.


US-ANSI + ISO addon




Double-Shot (translucent)



Number of keycaps:


How to use

To remove your old keycaps use a keycap puller and replace like for like.

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Customer Reviews

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Aaron Marshall
Good but not great

As other reviewers have stated the keycaps are nice physically and look good and does what it says as advertised, however the keys do have darker patches on a number of keys and the light doesnt get through as well as it should do. But all in all these are good keycaps and are nice to play with.

Nice Key caps

Very nice and clear key set would of been 5* review but sadly I was not able to use the full set on a UK set up the numbers on main keyboard are not all set for UK like the number 3 it has £ in UK but key set has # and the number 2 has " in UK but key set has @ it shame but I was still able to use most keys.

Al Martinez
Great keycaps

Great quality keycaps, color selection is pretty good, texture is smooth enough and feels nice:)

Ken Rosser
Artifacts blocking some light

At first I was very unhappy as some keys are darker than others, muting the light coming through. Other keys have bands of darkness through the letters, which was distracting. I have gotten used to the imperfections and like these better than the original key caps that came with the Everest Mountain Max. Okay, there are some manufacturing problems, but that's to be expected in a new product. Overall, I'm happy enough with the keyboard and caps that I would recommend them, with caveats, to anyone who needs to upgrade their keyboard, and key caps.

Shine through not what I expected

Good: keycaps feel nice, thickness about avarage (I measured approx 1.2mm), legends are nice and sharp, decent quality-price ratio.
Bad: like the other reviewer stated, the shine through is not evenly at some keys, there are gaps in the bottom of the keycaps causing this as far I can see. It is a shame that the product pictures do not represent the actual product, because uneven translucency is clearly visible in reality. This personally annoyed me so I sent it back.